1. Aerospace
  2. Snap-on has developed a wealth of specialised knowledge over the years working with aerospace   manufacturers, contractors and government units. 
  3. We have the right tools for a wide range of applications:
  4. Specialised hand tools, kits, power tools, tethered tools, electronic test equipment and storage systems covering all aspects of manufacture and maintenance  
  5. Broad range of tool control systems from laser engraving and keyless entry to advanced asset management. Delivering the highest levels of accountability, trackability and FOD prevention.
  6. Transportable mobile workshops and custom tool stores, designed and outfitted to meet your specific requirements.
  7. Tools comply with international standards plus SBAC TS48, Rolls-Royce TDS 1200 and ISO 1174.1 lock-on specifications.
  8. From commercial and military aviation to the space shuttle, we provide the tools that meet your unique needs and challenges. It's a service that's unmatched in the industry.